İrem Garden

We believe that all of our employees have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment, in working conditions that comply with human dignity. Our employees are our most valuable asset. Our employees Ensuring and protecting its security is our top priority business goal.
Our human resources are one of the most important elements of sustainable growth. we believe it is. We ensure that our employees' personal rights are fully and correctly used. We approach our employees honestly and fairly, and we are committed to a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. We make the necessary effort for the personal development of our employees, and we observe the balance between business life and private life.
corporate social We strive for the development of our society within the framework of the principle of responsibility.
We encourage our employees to participate in appropriate social and social activities with the awareness of social responsibility. We support them to participate in activities voluntarily.
Our hotel goes beyond its legal obligations with the best environmental solution practices and It is always ready to support any initiative that will help the development and spread of environmentally friendly technologies and increase environmental awareness.
Our social and environmental responsibilities towards the society in which we operate; We take care to fulfill it in a harmonious cooperation with all our stakeholders. We are responsible for the environmental impacts that may arise from all our activities. we manage.
Social responsibility of all our business partners, especially our suppliers In the field of our business, we take care to develop approaches to ensure that they act in accordance with their standards and to implement these approaches.
to the traditions, customs and cultures of Türkiye and the countries in which we operate. We act sensitively and act in accordance with all legal regulations.

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